Série "Men with Lancha" - a day with traditional fishermen - Isla de la Aguja - Colombia.
5h00, first glimmers of the day, the fishermen embark on the "lancha" towards la Isla De La Aguja. The waves rythm the way, we are about fifteen on this little piece of wood.
Arrived on the island, a group of fishermen climbed on a smaller lancha and row to install the net along their spot. A swimmer accompanies them, he'll gonna stay here the next hours and watch the corner of the net to warn about the fish coming.
As soon as the signal is given, the net is quickly drawn to the beach from where the fishermen extract the fish. Then the ritual starts again: the net is folded on the lancha, the group goes on the sea to install it and the swimmer waits for a new arriving of fish.
The fish struggles violently when it pulled on the beach, creating a shower of salty droplets. Then it freezes when the fishermen put it in a pit where they can count it.
"There are days "Mas o Menos" (more or less)" one of the fishermen says to me. Back to the village, the group shares the fishes equally, for personal use or to sell, everyone decides when they return to home.
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